Bird Control Services

Bird control can come in many forms and guises. And if you’ve tried to keep birds from entering or nesting on your premises you’ll know how difficult a task that can be.

That’s why, at Strathearn Pest Control, we have a range of services that will provide the solution you’re looking for.

To ignore the problem can have disastrous consequences.

We will tell you what can be done, when it can be done and advise you of the wide range of effective options there are to deter bird pests. Through years of experience we now specialise in the installation of bird netting and spike systems to ensure that birds are displaced and can’t return.

Netting is one of the most effective methods we use to keep birds off buildings, bridges and any other landing sites with wire netting and specialist clips very effective in preventing birds nesting underneath solar panels. Fitted correctly, these systems will prevent birds roosting and nesting and ensure the associated problems become a thing of the past. With the growth in the  number of properties with solar panels, we are now dealing with an increasing number of call-outs and once the wire net is fitted, the birds can’t get in.

Working throughout Central Scotland we are in travelling distance of much of the country and can be with you quickly to help and advise.

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Bird Netting

Bird netting is one of the most effective methods we use to keep birds off buildings, bridges and any other landing sites. We simply enclose the affected areas with the net, installing it under, over and around bird hotspots.

Netting provides a virtually invisible barrier that birds can’t pass through or get around and it is a harmless deterrent that encourage birds to ‘move on’ to alternative sites. It is as effective on the underside of canopies, bridges and porchways as it is across flat roofs of warehouses and garden-centres and can be used for any manner of birds – from sparrows to gulls.

Using stainless steel fixings and wires to keep it in position, a net is an extremely versatile solution and is made from a tough, durable UV-stabilised polyethylene. It’s as discrete as it is effective and comes in black, stone and translucent colours.

Fitted correctly, it will prevent birds roosting and nesting and ensure the associated problems – the build-up of fouling and nesting material, aggressive bird behaviour, damage to buildings etc – becomes a thing of the past.

Solar Panel Bird Control

Bird droppings and nesting materials can damage the panels and the wiring and have an adverse effect on their performance.

Don’t despair though, our experienced technician’s can install wire netting around the perimeter of the panels to stop any access.

The good news is that there is no drilling required as we use special clips that are designed specifically for the job.

Protecting Your Investment

As Solar panels become increasingly popular we have experienced a considerable rise in the number of call outs to remove nesting birds from underneath them.

The panels provide the perfect harbourage for birds, protecting them from the elements.

Bird Guano Clearance



If you have ever had birds nesting or roosting in and around your property, then you will know about the mess they can make. The presence of bird droppings, more commonly known as guano, nesting materials, dead birds and parasites, particularly in confined spaces, can pose serious health and safety risks.

Left unchecked, the birds and their droppings can cause permanent damage to the structure of your buildings or equipment. That is why at Strathearn Pest Control we offer a comprehensive cleaning service to complement our existing Bird Control Services.

We can remove all bird droppings and nesting material and often install Bird Control measures to prevent the problem happening again.

Buildings provide lots of ideal areas for roosting and nesting, with the list being endless – roofs, ledges, balconies, loft spaces, ventilation systems and machinery. And this in itself creates endless problems:

  • Bird droppings are very acidic and can corrode surfaces including tar-based roofing materials and paint finishes
  • Ventilation systems are damaged by bird droppings as the ducts become clogged up
  • The nesting sites provide ideal harbourage for parasites, fleas and ticks
  • Roof voids begin to smell and attract insects
  • The ventilation system can spread smells and contaminants throughout a building
  • Breathing in the bacteria from the droppings can, in some cases, attack your immune system with risk from diseases such as cryptococcssis, histoplasmosis and psittacosis
  • Nesting material can block drains and gutters resulting in water damage to the property

The safe removal of bird waste will:

  • prolong the life of exterior surfaces of the building
  • improve the appearance of the building
  • eradicate any nesting insects and parasites
  • eliminate health issues within the building

Strathearn Pest Control is a licensed waste carrier and is fully insured to remove and dispose of this hazardous material. Once all fouling, nesting material and associated debris is removed, the affected areas are cleaned and disinfected to make the area 100% safe.

Bird Egg and Nest Removal

This method of control is very effective in reducing the size of the flock of the pest birds. It also encourages them to move on to safer nesting sites in subsequent years.

The removal of the eggs prevents adults raising young on the site which in turn reduces the size of the flock and future breeding numbers.

Over a period of 6 visits, the eggs are removed, with the final visit including removal of the nest.

We may use hawks to scare the gulls away whilst the eggs are removed. They are flown near the nesting sites and will frighten away the most determined of gulls.

Hawks can also be used over a longer period to scare the gulls away completely. They in turn will look for safer sites to nest and over time the flock will be progressively thinned out.

Birds often build their nests in inappropriate locations. This can result in blocked gutters or chimneys leading to further property damage.

Strathearn Pest Control provide bird nest removal services across Scotland. We will quickly and safely remove the nests in a licensed and legal manner.

Problem bird nests are often in inaccessible positions and specialists in high or rope access are required. Our experts are qualified in working at heights so you can rest assured that the work will be carried out in a safe manner.

Once the nests have been removed we recommend the installation of some form of bird proofing to ensure the birds cant return to nest in subsequent years.

Bird Trapping and Shooting

If birds are a serious problem for your property, we can provide humane bird trapping services or bird shooting services depending on the circumstances.

Our bird trapping is available across Scotland and provides a way to remove birds from your property and relocate them humanely elsewhere.

If it is necessary to shoot the birds, our experts will provide bird shooting services and remove the birds quickly and in a correctly licensed manner, minimising disruption.

Once the birds have been displaced we recommend the installation of some form of bird proofing to ensure birds cannot return to nest or roost in subsequent years.

Bird Proofing

Bird Spikes

  • Used on ledges, shelves, exposed beams, security lights, aircon units etc where birds roost and nest
  • Ensures birds cannot land on their preferred site
  • A humane deterrent to ensure the birds cannot roost or nest
  • Unobtrusive and extremely effective


  • Highly effective in deterring all species of birds
  • It works using the same principles of electric fences in livestock management
  • Hardly noticeable at close quarters and virtually invisible from a distance

Spring Wires

  • Used as an alternative to Bird Point to deny birds access to roosting and nesting sites

Daddi Long Legs

  • Deter gulls, pigeons and other large birds from landing on open spaces
  • Thin stainless rods rotate in the breeze and harmlessly stop birds roosting
  • Inconspicuous and almost invisible from 15 metres

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Our Pest Control Services

Domestic Pest Control

Are pests like mice, rats, fleas, or wasps causing you trouble at home? Strathearn Pest Control are here to help.
We understand that these pests don’t just cause damage, but they also pose health risks that no homeowner should endure.

Our experienced team is well-versed in eliminating a variety of pests. We offer efficient and reliable pest removal solutions, restoring comfort and peace of mind to your home.

Bird Control Services

Problematic bird nesting can lead to property damage and potential health issues. Strathearn Pest Control is here to prevent that from happening.

Our humane and effective Bird Control Services ensure you can coexist peacefully with our feathered friends.

We provide efficient solutions for pigeon problems and bird-proofing your premises, respecting the wildlife while prioritising your comfort and safety.

Commercial Pest Control

Pest infestation can significantly impact your business, creating unhealthy conditions and driving customers away.

Trust Strathearn Pest Control to safeguard your business with comprehensive Commercial Pest Control Services. We offer swift and discreet solutions, tackling everything from rodent control to insect infestations.

We’re committed to maintaining your business’s professional environment and reputation.

Agricultural Pest Control

Farm pests causing problems? They can damage crops, harm livestock, and hurt your farm’s productivity. You need solutions that work and protect your business.

Strathearn Pest Control can help. Our Agricultural Pest Control Services tackle pests head-on.

We handle everything from rodent infestations to insect pests.

With our help, your farm can stay pest-free and productive.

For more information about our Pest Control Services where you live, follow the links below.

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